Silver Stock Investor is the only investment newsletter focused exclusively on silver.

Silver is unique. It’s been money throughout history. And now it’s become a critical industrial metal indispensable to the green energy transition.

Silver is in a massive bull market, offering a generational opportunity.

Silver gained 3,700% in its last secular bull market.

It is a proven inflation hedge and crucial industrial metal for the green revolution. It is irreplaceable in solar panels, electric vehicles, and electronics.

Supply cannot keep pace with soaring demand from investment and industry.

Silver Stock Investor is the only newsletter focused exclusively on silver.

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro, Silver Stock Investor covers all aspects of silver investing. It explains the opportunity of silver and how to position early and profit from explosive gains in silver investments.

Peter delves into what investments, mines, projects, and exploration potential these companies have (including the quality of management and finances) to pinpoint the very best-in-class options in physical silver, physical silver ETFs, silver miner ETFs, royalty companies, large producers, mid-tiers/developers, and junior explorers. He writes about what he is buying and selling and never takes payment from companies for coverage.

Peter Krauth has been investing and writing about silver for more than 20 years.

As a precious metals expert and former portfolio adviser, Peter is a frequent contributor to financial websites such as Kitco, Forbes, Seeking Alpha, BNNBloomberg, and Financial Post. Peter is also a regular presenter at investment conferences, such as the MoneyShow and Metals Investor Forum. He uses his extensive network to uncover outstanding opportunities.

He is the author of the bestselling book The Great Silver Bull, which details silver’s historical role as money, why it is critical in technology, and how to build your silver investment portfolio to dramatically outperform inflation.

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