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Silver Stock Investor is written for all investors, from novice to experienced. It covers everything silver-related, from silver bullion ETFs and major silver miners, all the way to emerging high-potential junior explorers.

Each month Peter gives you his thoughts on the silver market, written in a clear and concise way. He tells you what’s been happening in silver, and provides a comprehensive look at different aspects of the silver market.

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  • "I enjoyed your presentation. I especially liked the analysis showing that the price of silver stocks are growing faster than the price of physical silver. I think seeing it on a monthly basis would be a continuous signal to continue buying silver stocks."

    -CR (January 2021)
  • "I recently subscribed to your Silver Stock newsletter...I was very impressed with the quality of your first edition and the depth of research and info. provided about your macro thoughts on silver and your reasons for selecting certain stocks"

    -PH (January 2021)
  • "Hi Peter, I am very enthused about your Silver Investor newsletter and have very much enjoyed your writing thus far."

    -DS (January 2021)
  • "I am so glad you put this Silver newsletter together! It's exactly what I was looking for to invest in the silver market at this time."

    -MC (January 2021)

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